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Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

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 The "Stars & Stripes" design combines traditional elegance with playful patriotic elements, creating a timeless and sophisticated look. Central to the design is a classic navy blue border, which frames the composition with a sense of structure and refinement. Inside this border, a playful script single letter monogram takes center stage, adding a personalized and whimsical touch to the overall design.

Flanking the border on both sides are beautifully shaped boxwood topiaries, symbolizing timeless beauty and meticulous care. These topiaries are housed in elegant Chippendale planters, known for their intricate and stylish lattice designs. Adding a patriotic flair, small American flags are proudly displayed within the planters, seamlessly integrating national pride into the sophisticated arrangement.

The "Stars & Stripes" design is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of traditional style and playful personalization, enhanced with a touch of patriotic spirit. This design is ideal for personalized gifts, elegant home décor, or any occasion that celebrates both individuality and national pride with grace and style.

Details about Seasonal & Specialty Logo Designs

Make any occasion unique with our Specialty Logo Designs. From custom stationery to party decor, this versatile design serves as the perfect canvas for your creativity. Whether you're crafting custom-made invitations, personalized stationery, or curating a themed celebration, start with this design as your foundation.

Customize the monogram style to reflect your unique personality, and if desired, update the colors of the elements and frame to suit your aesthetic preferences. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your vision to life with our adaptable Seasonal & Specialty Logo Designs.

Ways to use a Seasonal & Specialty Logo

Wondering what to do with your Seasonal & Specialty Logo once you have purchased it? I have a lot of ways you can put your design to use, some are listed below.


  • Personalized stationery (flat and folded cards, enclosure cards)
  • Elevated gifting (gift tags and stickers)
  • Home decor (garden flags, pillows, hostess towels)


  • Paper party goods (invitations, thank you notes, favor tags, paper placemats, signage)
  • Day of Details (cake and cupcake toppers, koozies)
  • Cocktail napkins & cups
  • Bar cart accessories (coasters, stir sticks, hostess towels)

If you are looking for more items to apply your design to, browse our Design Add-On collection for more!

How can I personalize my Seasonal & Specialty Logo?

When it comes to personalizing a Seasonal & Specialty Logo design the three main areas you can personalize are;

  1. Adding your name / monogram
  2. Changing the font of your name / monogram
  3. Altering the color scheme of the design

After you order your design, a proof will be sent within 48 business hours. Only two correction rounds are included in this price, each additional round will be charged at $5 each.

Please provide your personalization information in the box below. Make sure to include your name/monogram, as well as the font choice and color scheme if you want to change those elements of the design.

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