With that in mind, as you are browsing the store it might feel overwhelming with the options, but think if it like you are building an ice cream treat...

  • First, you decide your ice cream flavor | Life Logo or Seasonal & Specialty Logo
  • Second, you decide what toppings you want | Personalizing the details
  • Third, you decide how you want your ice cream served (cone or bowl) | What items you want your design on (Design Add-on Options)
  • The Life Logo Project

    A Life Logo design is a visual representation of meaningful details for your life or special event with almost endless possibilities. It is created by gathering those meaningful details from your life or for a special event to create one unique design then applying it in a way that best suits your needs.

  • Seasonal or Specialty Logo

    These designs are either created from something that has brought me JOY either in life or online, or from a season of the year or life. They can also be a slightly altered Life Logo that someone designed for a party that I thought others would enjoy using as well.

  • Other Offerings

    While my primary offering is The Life Logo Project I am open to creating other party and stationery items that do not follow the same process as The Life Logo Project. These would be smaller projects like an invitation or gift tag that doesn’t have a core design but still just as sweet and unique.

If you know you want a Life Logo, go ahead and add the listing below to your cart

Second, the toppings & sprinkles

When you decide if you want a Life Logo or Seasonal & Specialty Logo add that listing to your cart. Make sure to include your personalization information on the Seasonal & Specialty Logo listings.

If you order a Life Logo, once the order is placed you within 48 business hours you will receive an email with a questionnaire to gather all your special details.

If you order a Seasonal & Specialty Logo design, within 48 business hours you will receive a mockup of your design as well as the products you want your design printed on.

Now, It is *almost* time to enjoy!

To finish your purchase make sure you have added your design and add on products to your cart then follow the checkout process

No matter which design option you chose, you should receive an email within 48 business hours that will provide information for the next step.

I seriously cannot wait to bring your creation to life with you!

Still a little overwhelmed and have questions? I am here to help!