Hattie Mae’s First Birthday | Paper Goods

The final blog of the series about Hattie Mae’s First Birthday is finally here! This blog is going to detail out all of the paper goods. Some of them were used on the day of but most were used in the invitation suite. Yes, I did go overboard, but your first child only turns one, once, right? 

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The invitation suite took me the longest to create because of all the details but I think it turned out so amazing it was worth the time it took. The suite had three parts, one was the invitation itself, the second piece was a postcard, and the third was an information card explaining the post card.  I will talk more about the postcard below. 

The invitation itself was an enlarged Rainbow Row along the top with wording along the bottom. I decided to cut out the tops of the buildings to give a little more detail to the invitation. I think this turned out to be my favorite creative detail of the whole party. 

I have recently gotten the urge to create paper goods that have a final shape of something other than  a straight edge rectangle or square so I thought this would be a good time to give it a try. I knew the guest list wasn’t long and I had a backup plan. My backup plan was creating a second invitation that did not require any additional cutting. 


As I mentioned before there were different parts to the invitation suite and one part included a postcard. A random fun fact about me, I collect vintage postcards and vintage stamps. I don’t know what got me started but I love the way they can tell a story about a place or time in history. My sister is sort of the same way so a few years ago we decided to start sending each other postcards when we travel. 

With that in mind, I thought a custom postcard would be a unique way to give guests the opportunity to write Hattie Mae a note of encouragement or a prayer over her life so that she can read them for years to come. 

The pattern on the postcard was created through various stamp designs. Each design represents either a part of Hattie Mae’s life or Charleston icons. For example it has her birth state, birth month and year, a flamingo to represent her nursery decorations, and her “HM” monogram that we use very often. The Charleston icons are Rainbow Row, a pineapple for the Pineapple Fountain, The Pink Figgy Car, and palm trees. 

If you can’t tell already, I love incorporating unique details into every part of an event. 

Favor Stickers

It took me a little bit to decide on the favors for the party. I wanted to do something low cost but effective and useful. I love custom koozies but they usually end up in a bin or a garbage can after the event is over and I didn’t want to be wasteful. I decided to do something in the food category because a sweet treat is never a bad idea so I landed on M&Ms. Thankfully their spring collection is available and coordinated with the party colors perfectly. 

Since most of her paper details were pink I decided to give the favor stickers a nice bold navy background instead. I think this really made the Rainbow Row details stand out. It also offered a nice contrast to the pastel colored M&Ms. 

Thank you notes

For the thank you notes I couldn’t decide on a flat or folded card so I created one of each. Since they were sent after the event I wanted to keep them simple with just her party Life Logo on the front and a pattern design on the back. 

A few more images of the party goods


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