At Hattie Hill Designs we are focused on designing for your lifestyle & events

From dinner parties to stationery, home decor to bridal showers, and everything in between.

I am here to help bring your unique party theme to life, beginning with a Life Logo!

Ready to get started?
  • First, Ice cream flavor

    When you walk up to create your tasty treat, the first thing you have to decide is what flavor ice cream you want.

    Similar to deciding, do you want a Life Logo design or a Seasonal & Specialty Logo design?

  • Second, Toppings

    This is where we get to have fun! Adding personalization to your design is like adding all the toppings you love to your tasty treat.

    Your personalization will happen after check out in two different forms but don't worry, I am here for every step!

  • Third, Cone or Bowl?

    Now we get to bring it to life and enjoy what you have created.

    Deciding how you want your ice cream served is like deciding what items you want your new design printed on.